Bildungsurlaub - general information

Bildungsurlaub allows employees by law to attend courses on special kinds of topics during their working time - up to 5 days per year. To enable this, courses and institutions need to be acknowledged for Bildungsurlaub. This can be reached by applying to the according ministries in Germany.

As education in Germany is managed by the Bundesländer, the application for Bildungsurlaub needs to be sent to every single Bundesland you want to be acknowledged in.

In our information data you can find all the laws and addresses of the ministries in charge.

See also our service "Assistance to get acknowledged"

For your customers it is important that you are acknowledged in the Bundesland, in which he is working. For example, if your customer works in Cologne, your institution needs to be accepted in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

If you publish your offers on, we will add the information, in which states your course is acknowledged. This is important to help your clients finding a recognized course.

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