About Bildungsurlaub.de

www.Bildungsurlaub.de is Germany’s big and independend information web portal on the topic of Bildungsurlaub since its start in 1999.

Here are only a few of our features:

  • Up-to-date database with more than 2000 courses
  • Information on current legislative premises in each German state (Bundesland)
  • Lots of tips for getting Bildungsurlaub acknowledged by the employer
  • Administered forum

The philosophy of Bildungsurlaub.de:
Excellent customer service through transparency and information:

  • We check your data in our experienced editorial office and give you hints how to improve them
  • Neutrality – we treat every institution the same way!
  • Up-to-dateness

Easy handling for different types of users

  • Variable views in forms of tables, maps or calendars
  • Tables can be arranged easily
  • Filtering according to the region, language or dates
  • Additional filtering enables a focus on special needs, such as childcare, courses for women, etc.
  • Direct links to the institution / offer (deep linking)
  • A lot of information about the institution (facts, arrival)

More information:

Publishing your courses on Bildungsurlaub.de

Get your courses acknowledged as ‘Bildungsurlaub’

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