Getting your courses acknowledged as ‘Bildungsurlaub’

General information

Bildungsurlaub is becoming more and more attractive to millions of German employees. Bildungsurlaub is a unique chance to attend courses up to 5 days on various of topics during their working time.

For these people it is important that a course is recognised as Bildungsurlaub by the Bundesland (Federal State) which he works in. For example, if your customer works in Cologne, your institution needs to be accepted by the Land North Rhine-Westphalia.

This means: if you want to cover up the Bildungsurlaub "market" you need to apply for recognition in up to 12 Federal States with a Bildungsurlaub law.

Find more information, laws and adresses of the ministries here.

Assistance to get acknowledged

You want to get your courses acknowledged as Bildungsurlaub and need help? We offer a support on the process of getting acknowledged – and this only for low costs. Our support can be in English.

Contact for further information

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